Highway Crash Derby APK



Racing games are about winning a thrilling, breath taking circuit race by a few opponents and emerging on the top. But what if a racing game gave us the liberty to go around recklessly ask for nothing but create chaos to maximum? Highway Crash Derby, the latest Android sensation is simple, but out of the way racing which aims at creating chaos, a crash amidst the highway causing the maximum damage possible.

The car owned by the player starts moving by its own. Drive through the city traffic by swiping in the relevant direction, and skid past every obstacle. Find the perfect moment and blast through the highway producing tremendous damage. The further one is able to drive through the highway, the higher is the points they score of the crash. The directions of Highway Crash Derby seem extremely easy, but scoring is the tricky part.

Surprisingly, the game has been loaded with different yet interesting vehicles. A sports car with ability to reach high speeds, a police car, a truck with explosive loads, an ice cream truck and a top secret vehicle which has been hidden significantly in a crate are the vehicles to hang on with. Along with this, Highway Crash Derby sports 15 new cool achievements to be unlocked, more realistic car physics, better gameplay and a few chances to be grabbed to try the locked vehicles. The latest update of the game has brought some revamping changes thus making it more addictive. When newness and racing are a coupled desire, Highway Crash Derby should be one’s clear cut choice!