Head To Head Racing APK



Challenge players from all around the world in this game of Head to head racing. Feel the adrenaline as you rush your way past other cars and win the race. Challenge your friends for a game of one vs one racing in extremely tricky tracks with difficult surfaces. Turn your phone into a racing extravaganza and race your way to the top.

In Head to Head racing, start your racing career with scooters and as you win races and earn more trophies you reach to Formula! Cars with KERS boosters fitted in them. Control your vehicle by pressing on your mobile screen as you slide and drift your way through curves and bends. There are more than 30 tracks to play on ranging from snowy surfaces that provides lesser grips to multi-routed streets where you have to navigate your way through the curves and bends. You can also create your own private player vs player race with your friends and show them that you are the king of racing! Step on the turbo and nitro and feel the speed as your car literally flies through the track. Head to head racing is an online game. Record your fastest time on the track and send the link to your friends and see how they finish that track compared to your time.

Head to Head racing is a completely free game for your Android devices, and contains in app ads to support the development of the game. If you love racing then Head to head racing should be the game of your choice. Easy controls and an attractive user interface makes for an immersive and fun gaming experience. Compare your score with other players and work hard to reach the top. Download Head to head racing from the play store now!