Drift Max APK



Are you fond of racing games? If you like car racing games and if you are bored with the old and ordinary car racing games, then we have a surprise for you. We present you the latest car racing game for your Android smart phones – Drift Max. This racing game will make you forget all the other racing games with its special features. It is featured with realistic 3D graphics, which makes the game app more attractive.

The app is filled with many features. You will be able to choose your car from 11 amazing drift cars, which include a furious Sahin, European sports car, American muscle car, and legendary Japanese drift machines. Also, you can change your car whenever you want to. This gaming app enables you to customise and modify your car according to your choice and time. You can paint your car from 25 different vibrant colours, and customise the machinery parts of your car with various modifications. You will get to race in 12 amazing racing tracks including Asphalt, winter, desert, industrial, downtown, roller coaster, village, tunnel, mountain, city, highway, and slalom. This app features with different camera angles, which helps you to get the view very clearly.

Also, in this app you can earn coins to buy cars and different machinery parts by showing your drifting skills near the walls, or earning time bonus in your game. To reach the top and to get the leader board you have to compete with your friends and other users from the world in each track.

With various special features, this app has gained much of the popularity as compared to other related gaming apps. But one thing to keep in mind is that once you uninstall the app, all your records and achievements and coins earned will be lost.

Hence, download the app for free and enjoy!