Solo Test APK



If you love solving puzzles and like working out your brain doing difficult challenges then solo test is your go to app. Solo test is based on the classic marble board game, now delivered to the palm of your hand! Never become bored while travelling or whenever you feel like you have nothing to do, switch to Solo test app and have fun! The interface is smart and simple and you would have no problems to play the game at all.

Arrange the marbles or pawns in such a way that the least number of pawns remain in the board. The amount of time you take will be recorded and the number of pawns left would give you your score. Shift a marble or pawn over another in the blank space to remove the first marble and hence use this strategy to eliminate most of the marbles. You can also watch our YouTube video for gameplay instructions. The graphics is attractive and gameplay is simple and pretty straightforward. The board is adjusted in a different way every time making the game incredibly challenging and fun as well, if you are up for mind boggling puzzles. Select from square or round boards and let the fun begin.

Solo Test is available for free but contains in app ads to support the game. You can download Solo test for your Android device that includes smartphones and tablets containing android version 2.3 and up. With millions of downloads this is an extremely popular puzzle game and is a must have for your smartphone. This game increases your concentration and also your solving ability so not only this game is fun but it also helps to increase your certain skillsets. All you need to do is download Solo Test and let the puzzling fun begin.