Memorize Pattern ! APK



Here is an all new game app for memory game lovers. This app is a perfect brainpower developer. Memorize Pattern! – This is the latest memory game app for all android smart phones. It is a perfect game application for all those who have a keen interest in memory games.

This app not only adds fun to your life, it also helps in developing your brainpower. This game helps in brain development as it involves seeing patterns, which develops eyesight, it involves hearing sounds, which develop ear power, it involves feeling vibration, which develops sense of touch, and it involves memorizing patterns, which help to develop flash memory, thus, in all developing the brain. This game app upgrades your memorization with lock patterns.

This game is very simple and easy to play. The screen shows a 3X3 net of bold dots. At first, you will get to see a pattern by making connections of certain possible dots in a certain order, after sometime it will disappear. What you have to do after that is that you have to make the same pattern what you saw using the dots in the screen. You just need slide the dots with your finger to connect the dots. This is all what you have to do. The patterns will become more complicated as you reach higher levels, and then the more fun you will get. There are more that 10,000 diverse patterns in this game app.

Also, this app provides a weekly tournament system in which you can compete with your friends for getting ranks. By competing in this tournament, you can easily be in the top rank. So, weekly you can know your position in the game.

Hence, with this game app develop your brain and advance your flash memory with lock patterns. Download this app for free and enjoy!