Maze! APK



Smartphones are widely used today and gaming is quite popular among the Smartphone users. Smart phone users have played a lot of similar games like running endlessly collecting coins, scratching off fruits, or grouping fruits, but if you want something witty yet simple->Maze!, THIS IS IT!

Maze! is basically a puzzle game which has quite simple controls. Users can use their finger tips to move the ball around or if they are not ok they can also use the accelerometer to do the same. The basic idea of the game is to move the ball from the start position to reach the end point. There will be barriers in between to prevent the ball from moving. You need to find the right path out to reach the finish point. All the mazes in the game come randomized and you won’t get the same maze for the second time. A wonderful feature this is that when you have a problem checking for the paths and blockades you can zoom it any time when you want and when you are done you can again zoom out. The motive of this game should be to complete the level as fast as possible overcoming all the blockades and finding the right way to reach the end point. The music of the game and the vibrations give you a wonderful and thrilling experience when you are busy in finding the way to your destination. However, you might turn them off if you don’t want them.

Apart from normal mode, there are two other modes, which add up to difficulty levels- Minotaur and Blind Mode. In Minotaur mode, the user has to find the key and then find its way to reach the end point through obstacles. In Blind mode, the user cannot see the obstacles and only will get to see the obstacles when the user tries to move the ball.

The best thing about Maze is that this is simple and you don’t need to be a gamer to solve the puzzles. What you need is just being witty to solve the puzzles. With being as light as 8.59 mb, and rated 3.6+, and more than 10 million downloads Maze! has become now a trend. Trust us, Maze! is best when you experience it on your own. Once you download Maze! beware you might get addicted to this!