Talking English APK



It has been seen that almost all living beings play at some point or the other. This is called instinctive fun, but it also serves a purpose – learning. Similarly, if you would want to engage a human to play as well as learn, then your approach must be in the form of clay and fun so that the subject can enjoy the process. With this logic in mind, an app has been developed by Learning 2 Talk called Talking English.

The function of this app is very simple – it listens to what you say like the common English words that you speak in your day to day life and then it helps you with both vocabulary and pronunciation. So, simple to use yet fun isn’t it? This is the most suitable app for any adult for children who has just started to learn the English language. It is also extremely helpful for anyone who wants to improve there were cavalry or pronunciation. Even more interesting is the feature that allows you to keep a track of your progress and watch your score. That way you get an idea of the development that is happening.

The format of the game is also very simple – the application will show you images and ask you questions regarding what you see. It will then listen to your responses, make an evaluation and then give a report on how correct you are. Another amazing feature is, after installation the app works absolutely fine, even without a network connection.

The app has been undergoing changes regularly so that its users can benefit to the maximum extent possible. These changes include adding translations into new languages apart from the addition of new words to the existing list. This app is also very helpful for students to overcome common mispronunciations.