Trap! APK



Games on Android, and even on iOS have become repetitive and it is actually difficult to find some new, innovative game being on a simple hunch. What this results in people retreating themselves to the good old sports or racing games, or at most the never ending running games. Trap! on the other hand, is a completely different strategy game, though based on a simple agenda, of potting the balls inside the walls. The game aims to group all the balls by moving them inside the walls to capture maximum screen area.

A lot of players are attracted by the number of points they can score in a single round of Trap! When people actually learn to play Trap! to their maximum potential, they can score up to million points without any difficulty. The game progresses with 6 different modes, each of them posing different and more difficult variety of challenges for the players while capturing balls.

It is not easy to avoid Trap! once it’s started for the simple reason that it is addictive. The game is quite elaborate for its depth and even the scoring system. Little features like automatic music playback from an existing library, lag-free gameplay, no ads policy are some great deals in the package. Another salient features of it is its ability to save the in game progress to remember what part of game has been solved. The application definitely calls for a download given its simple, intuitive instructions and storage space being less than 1 megabyte!