Piano Tiles APK



We are all familiar with playing the piano but few would have thought of playing with its tiles. Piano Tiles is one such addictive game, which put one’s imagination to test. It’s available for the Android platform with the current version of 1.0.66 and can be downloaded for free. The most brilliant thing about this application is its simplicity and easy to use interface, which can be used by almost everyone who has an appetite for cool games.

Simply download the app and after successfully installing it, the app opens up with a three by three matrix of black and white piano tiles. Another interesting thing about this application is its variety. It supports up to five different playable modes, which give an interesting twist to its genre. The different modes are Classic, Arcade, Relay, Zen and Free Play, which are shown on the piano tiles whenever the app is opened. The remaining tiles show different advertisements. An active Internet connection is needed to run the app.

Tapping on the piano tiles gives out a variety of rhythmic sounds. The white tile at the bottom gives out a list of 10 songs, when tapped. The simple logic of playing the game is to avoid tapping the white tiles. The game can be started by tapping the first black tile and then go on tapping the black tiles as the game progresses. Each tap releases a particular sound which together results in a melodious and soothing music. On the top, a digital stopwatch gets switched on and shows the time taken to complete the level. The arcade mode is a little difficult than the classic, as the game progresses automatically and the player needs to keep up with the game’s pace.