Paper War for 2 Players APK



If your close friend is coming over and you ran out of fun ideas, then Paper War is your solution. This fun, addicting and cool game is sure to keep you occupied and is perfect for playing with your friends. If you have an Android device that supports multi touch screen then you would have no problems playing Paper Wars. Graphics are geeky and are all hand drawn to give you an extremely enjoyable gaming experience as well as a nice atmosphere. Challenge your friend in this fun and exciting multiplayer and see who wins!

Paper war for 2 players contain three gaming modes or three separate games namely anti-aircraft, plane smasher and cannon battle. Each of the three game modes has a different type of gameplay.

In ant-aircraft mode you have to shoot down your opponent’s plane which is of different color than yours. If you shoot your own plane, points will be deducted. The first player to get 100 points wins.

  • In plane smasher game mode you would have to tap or press your opponents same colored plane. The first one to get 100 points wins!
  • In the cannon battle game, you have to attack and shoot down the other player’s cannon with bullets, and the first one to do so wins.
  • There is also a one player mode where you need to survive hordes of ships and planes with your cannon.

Paper War game is still in early development, but you will get more game modes in the future. The best part about Paper Wars is that it is completely free and supported by most of the Android devices. So, the next time you are looking for a game that is simple, visually attractive and lots of fun, Paper Wars should be your choice.