My Baby (Virtual Pet) APK



Have you ever though what would be the feeling of becoming a mother? Are you expecting a child and want to know how to care of a newborn? Get the required experience with My Baby Virtual pet.

This application offered by Baby Care games, the most uncomplicated and exhilarating way of getting the experience of handling a newborn baby. Through this app you will receive the adequate experience required for handling a child. The app shows all the necessities of child management, which include bathing, talking to the baby, playing with the child and most importantly feeding them properly in proper durations.

You will learn all the techniques of handling a newborn, and will be able to play with the most adorable and preferred girl or boy child. Although, it is a virtual baby, it is nothing different from a real child. The application will automatically alert the user whenever the newborn requires some attention, or is hungry and crying. Recently, the game has been updated and a playground has also been added which can be used by the user for playing with their baby.

Just like a regular baby, you will have to think of an appropriate name for your newborn and will have to choose the apt baby profile. You can simply choose the most suitable profile for your child by sliding the screen in both the directions. You can easily make your child laugh by tapping the face of the newborn. To make the virtual child eat correctly, without any hassle, all you need to do is play the milk games, and encourage your baby to eat properly.

There is a separate feature called the shower cloud, and by using it, you can bathe your baby whenever necessary. Playing is equally necessary, so you can tap the smiley button, to give our baby their favorite toy.