MewSim Pet Cat APK



Always wanted to have your own pet cat? Adopt MewSim, your virtual cat and keep her happy! Feed her, play with her, brush her fur daily, and buy her new toys to play with. The most important thing of all, name your cat and play 2 exciting mini games with her. You can also decorate your pet MewSim cat’s apartment with new beautiful furnitures.

MewSim pet cat is visually attractive and contains loads of fun features. The cat makes funny and amusing faces every now and then and the animations are quite hysterical as well. Nurture your pet. Feed her with tasty treats such as fish, meat and ice cream, or take care of her by bathing her daily and brushing her fur and removing annoying fleas. At the beginning, choose your MewSims Gender, colour and give her a name. Choosing a gender, for your pet cat gives it its own unique abilities and characteristics. Decorate your pet mewSim cat’s apartment with numerous beautiful decors and toys. There’s a wide range of items and in game contents that contributes to an immersive and exciting gameplay experience. You can also play two fun minigames with your pet.

MewSim pet cat is a Free to play app supported by android devices that includes both Tablet and Smartphones. The android version on your phone should be 2.2 and above. MewSim is a virtual pet cat that would surely fill the position of your pet that you always wanted to have. Clever and smart animations make this game extremely fun for all ages starting from kids to adults. After all, who does not like Cats! This game is hugely popular with over 2 million download and installs. Surely you can’t miss out on this opportunity to have your own pet cat!