Little Big City APK



Little Big City is an android based game, which give its player a chance to be a mayor of a city. Players will be designing and building the prosperous city of their dreams. Like most of the city-builders game, Little Big City is also a similar game where players will be managing a city and play with their groups of friends. Players will be collecting money from varieties of business and growing crops. As the mayor, a player will be building a magnificent and brilliant places to live for their residents. Players will be using an enormous amount of resources for building such a magnificent city. The game is city building game which tests player’s imagination of building amazing and cool decorative real estate. The building players will be creating includes palace, sky garden tower, apartments of the future, exhibition centre fashion academy, aquarium, subway station, courthouse and observatory. Players will be able to expand their cash more and more by creating a new building and completing tasks. Besides building, farming is also essential for generating raw material and resources.

Little Big City offers many amazing and awesome expeditions to its player, with features like drag and drop option for dragging and dropping buildings from one place to another place. A player will be enjoying fast seeding of the game with pinch to zoom options. The game has enabled notifications, so a player can be notified about, when he has to harvest crops or when he has to update his buildings. Players can also take help from their friends by taking their resources or providing them with resources. Little big City is fun city building game, which is free to download and has some in-app purchases. The game is made available in more than 18 international languages, with new updates are frequently available.