Lines! APK



Android games and their ideas have now started to fade away with time. Developers are running out of ideas to invent something new and thus many of them resented themselves in developing old games in a new manner, inculcating newer options, better graphics and tremendous gameplays. Lines is one of such kind, based on the basics of the old video game Pick-Up Sticks. The game is subdivided into multiple modes, having different targets in each one of them.

The first and the most basic mode is Arcade, where removing maximum number of lines is the aim before we run out of lives. The quest is mixed with items, some of which help us ease while others slowing us down. Other modes include Time attack, where removing maximum lines in the given span of 30 seconds is the key. The third and conclusive mode is Minesweeper, which follows the rules of minesweeper to some extent. One minor mistake, and the game gets blown away right away. Removing only the correct lines is the only option. But taking too long to decide can also result in scoring minimal points, which won’t be of use again.

All modes in Lines are well defined and do not share any similarities. Apart from the mode that Lines has, beautiful graphics, colorful surroundings, well pixelated graphics and catchy tunes at different screens steal the show. The game has been built on the popular Engine GLES2.0, allowing the game to provide a smooth gameplay. With all this said, if someone is looking for a simple, intuitive game with an interesting concept, Lines is the go to option!