LadyBug APK



Do you love insects? Have you ever heard a story or something wherein an insect has been depicted to be some sort of a fighting guy who moves like a skilled professional and kills while moving ahead along with the ability to duck, dodge or swiftly move away to a safe spot? Sounds cool, right?

Well, you can now actually get to see all of the above happen and the best part is you would be the one helping the bug or the insect. All you need is an Android handset. The version of the Android OS must be at least 1.6 or above. Then simply download the game app LadyBug and enjoy the show.

LadyBug is an insect themed game with maze chase. The goal in the game is to eat up all the flowers while avoiding the other insects. In this wonderful game, the player is represented by a bug that is round in shape and the colour of the bug is half white and half yellow. The white portion is the front portion of the little hero, having the eyes, while the yellow portion is the backside of the bug. The enemy insects look distinctly different and are round shaped, red in colour having spider eyes.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You got to tilt your smart phone like a real pro to make sure you are at a distance from the enemies – the red bugs. Touch any of those, and you are history, as simple as that. Here, the player has a few advantages as well like taking the form of a Ninja star kind of thing and then literally cutting up the enemies.

No doubt, this game app by Donxu is quite exciting and those who try it are bound to get addicted to it.