Dung Dung (Korean ver.) APK



This Android game explicitly specifies the subtext of ‘Korean Version’ since the game is also available in English language too. If someone wants to switch to its English version, simply search for ‘Dung Dung’ and get along. The game flows on a very basic agenda, where the player is supposed to escape the fiery Dung of the Devil anyhow. Rated as one of the craziest games in the genre, Dung Dung (Korean ver.) doesn’t disappoint either.

Keeping calm throughout the game is the primary key to get through the Dung. The situations in between can really frustrate the player in a few moments, but being able to patiently handle the situation is the key. To put it to simpler words, avoid falling into the dung. The interface is fairly easy to understand and controls are pretty intuitive even for an amateur. Dung Dung (Korean ver.) is a simple game unpacking a simple humor for its players.

There is nothing exceptional to talk about the game, which has received mixed reviews when players tried it. While some found simple, cute humor within it, some have blatantly rated it as one of their worst experiences. A million downloads, a unique escape route from the Dung, ability to emerge as the King of Dung are some of the picks, which attracts its players. Released on the break of 2015, the game has undergone regular upgrades till date to get rid of minor bugs and keeping its players interested!