Big Fart Button APK



Well, when it comes to creating fun but useless applications, Android has seen enough examples already. All what these applications aim for is solely pointless entertainment and nothing else. Even though it’s all known, there’s room for such apps to quite an extent. Big Fart Button, as the name suggests comprises of a button, which when pressed can create more than 30 random fart sounds. Though the idea seems preposterous, Big Fart Button still manages to bag more than a million downloads in quite a little time.

This Android application sports a simple functionality of a button producing fart sounds and an option to increase the media volume. Having said this, its enhanced Android wear support makes it even easier to access it remotely and appear as if it’s not you! Just increase the media volume and hit your Android wear farting around anonymously, even if your phone is locked. Every time someone invokes Big Fart Button, a different sound is farted for almost 30 times. All this fun packed into this application, although as the motto of it says, smells not included!

The application packs a collection of numerous farts, ability to control them stealthily and turn up the volumes for the embarrassing ones. If that is all what Big Fart Button is all about, people still will figure out how to make the best use of it. The application has given an option to its lovers to upgrade to the Big Fart Button Pro with uglier farts, better remote controls and improved user experiences. The amount of information supplied should be enough to decide whether one needs to download it or not!