ShareLand Online APK



This is an adventure game developed by Gavva Games for Android users. This game is 15 MB in size and there has been more than 5 million downloads till date. This is basically a land building game where you and your friends are going to build up things unlike the other games where either you shoot or hit around.

This is more constructive in nature where your imagination and skills will put to test. That doesn’t mean that you got to be a professional architect or something, but this is just the basics. You will get an area where you have got to build something. What you build and how you go about it is all yours to decide.

This can be a good game for situations when perhaps you are travelling or stuck somewhere or want to stress on the areas of your brain that otherwise remain inactive or unused. Yes, initially it might all seem boring. After all, if you see vast open lands with just nothing around, it will definitely make you feel that maybe this is not your cup of tea. However, when you start understanding the clues and the tools, there no looking back then.

You can pretty well go to any extent and do everything and anything practically. This game has a chat option which is worth checking out. You can always take help from your friend or family member to explore in a better way.

You not only get to build, but you get to decorate as well. That way, your interior decoration and sense of style is put to test when you get into that segment. You have the option to use a range of materials and stuffs as per your choice. After all, more than 5 million downloads does mean something if not everything. You can also have you kids try this out!