Jungle Monkey 2 APK



Jungle Monkey is an amazing jumping and running adventure game with cool graphics and simple user interface. Jungle Monkey is a tale of brave, lovely and agile monkey Kong, who wants to pick some fruits from the jungle. But the jungle is not a safe place for him and he is in desperate need of help from players, who will guide him through a dangerous jungle full of adventure and risk. In new Jungle Monkey 2, more adventurous levels are added in comparison with the Jungle monkey 1. The new update of the game offers many new features like smooth and easy to play controls with beautifully designed animations.

The new Jungle Monkey 2 has included more than 24 levels in 3 different, amazing and full of adventure scenes for its players and more levels will be added in new updates of the game. Jungle Monkey 2 has also changed and updated its maps for better adventure and modernised libs. Additional features include faster resource loading with a less permissions required and more adventurous gameplay. It has also added better graphics and images with improved performance of a system.

Jungle Monkey 2 is similar to any other running game, which uses gesture control of smartphones and does not occupy unnecessary spaces of player’s phone. Its control are easy to understand and operate. Tapping on a touch screen of the smartphone will allow a monkey to jump. As the task of monkey is to collect banana, players will be tapping so that monkey can jump and collect more bananas. Every level is of limited length and monkey Kong has to run till the end of a level collecting bananas and without getting struck by any tree for completing level successfully.