House – Escape APK



Do you like to play horror games? Do you like creepy creatures haunting? Do you like haunted places to have experience in? Here is the game for you- House-Escape. It is a puzzle strategy cum horror game with lot of riddles to solve and adventures to experience. Basically it is game based on an adventure story and the aim of the game while playing is to find the boy’s girlfriend in the haunted house and how to make her escape out of the house. You being the user represent the boy who is search of his beloved in the haunted house and have to solve many riddles to find her out and make her way out of that haunted place.

Since it is puzzle strategy game, you have to solve many puzzles in order to fund his girlfriend in that creepy house. After you are able to find out the girl, your next aim will be to get her out of that house. But it is not easy as you think. You have to overcome many challenges and puzzles before you can take her out of that house. The house contains many creepy creatures and monsters who will act as obstacles to your path before you can escape with his girlfriend. Side by side you have to solve riddles and puzzles. All the necessary items you need for the adventure will be available in inventory section so that you can choose exact item you want. There are number of doors in the game to open and you have to collect many keys in order to open them. Make sure to remember the number on each key, which will help you open specific door. It is mandatory to find out all the items in the rooms and corridors in order to complete the game fully.

The game is associated with high quality sound and graphics. This will make you feel attracted towards the dark and creepy environment.