Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow APK



Dead Ninja Mortal show is an interesting running game and it boosts the love for running games. The game is produced by Brain eaters. The game uses unique model which renovates the style and not used before in any running game. The game is played in dark, misty atmosphere with lot of interesting mysteries. The player have to end the darkness and atmosphere in this game. The darkness and mysteries of game is very cool but the main mission of game player is to remove this darkness and end it. The game can be played by dodging the obstacles and running in the game and chop every enemy within the game. It is an excellent game for those who like running games.


  • It has so many level to increase enjoyment of player
  • Various opportunities to gain points and bonuses
  • Stylish game graphics
  • Soundtrack of game is excellent

Publishers Description

The running game along with the interesting game play is worth playing. Dead Ninja Mortal Shadow is a free application and allows user to hack and slash lot of enemies with the dark powers. The prime skills requires are quick, stealthy and deadly to defeat all foes, slash all enemies who stand in the way and dash through landscape. The game has excellent dark energy to punish enemies and opponents. The shadow of demon is shown to human world to smash enemies and reach to the landscape. The running game keeps on providing challenges throughout the game.

Change Log

It has fixed some minor bugs. It has added military empire, ravens crypt, sleeping village, greed bridge, cliff path, dark tide, Feryman, desolate fortress, etc. The touch problems are also fixed. The bugs in stages from 13 to 20 are fixed. Bug stage 8 and 9 are also fixed.