Cubes Craft HD APK



Cubes Craft HD is incredible adventure games, which is developed by Black Eye Games. The game is the sweet treat to players who love adventure games. The Cubes Craft HD allows the player to create their own world or world they always dream about. You can fill your world with your imagination and make it magnificent by adding mines, ground, tunnels and sea to your beautiful world. Besides mines and tunnel, you can also add new buildings and items. You will be the only creator of the world and all the items will be under your control. The game has amazing and mind-blowing graphics with incredible animations.

You will be exploring your created mines for collecting essential and useful resources, which will be helpful in creating weapons and tools. The weapons and tools are created to provide complete protection from bandits and predators. You will be creating buildings for your survival in this wonderful journey of the cubic world. The game has included amazing 3D graphics with user-friendly interface and animations. There are many exciting features included in Cubes Craft HD, which are as follows:

  • Cubes Craft HD offers two completely distinctive game modes: classic and creative.
  • You will be creating buildings for your survival in dangerous and risky conditions.
  • You will be creating useful items like tools, weapons and armors for your protection.
  • Game offers in-app purchase and daily bonus in the form of experience and rewards point.
  • You will be using 3D pixels blocks for your construction.