Cubes Craft 2 HD APK



Cubes Craft HD is an amazing game, which has collected more than 1 million downloads till now. You can explore hundreds of new item in the game with 4 different worlds. Cubes Craft HD enables you to create your own dream world. There are different places established in your world including Tunnels, Sea, Land or mines. Cubes Craft 2 give you full control in the construction you will be doing in the environment of a game.

Cubes Craft HD game offers a magnificent graphical user interface along with HD resolution. The new items and builds have optimized graphics, which make the game more enchanting and exciting.

It additionally offers you several other features such as, you can modify or erase the data of your Flash drive storage, it likewise allows you to add content to the same, and alongside you can read the data placed in the USB drive as well. The application gives a full network access and allows the application to build network sockets and utilize the custom network protocol. The web program and other apps are integrated to give support to transfer any data using the internet.

A feature called Breath system is now added in the system. Likewise, Heart and life feature is introduced. All the minor bugs that have seen in the previous version are solved. The touch controls have been improvised. Menu’s related ‘with how to play’ info is also added. The way the game becomes easier for beginners. Overall the game is great to play and offered for free. It does not acquire much space of your phone after installation as it is just in few MB. There is no in-app purchases in game and user’s ratings have proved that the game is full of excitement.