Barsik: Escape from New York APK



When was the last time you embarked on an adventurous mission? Guess you are not able to remember. That’s ok since adventure and fun start to fade as a person gets along with the nitty gritties of life. Be it school, college, university or workplace. The best days in the life of a person are those when he or she is least bothered about what is happening in the world and what is going to happen next in life.

This is the stage when people play a lot of games and have a lot of fun. So, if you want to get back to those fun filled days, get this mind-blowing game on your Android device right away – Barsik: Escape from New York. In this game app, the player will be required to jump on the roofs of the skyscrapers around the world which is no less than any adrenaline-rush adventure activity.

A wonderful theme coupled with visuals that are sure to grab attention, Barsik: Escape from New York is becoming famous by each passing day among all age groups to become the most popular game. The idea is pretty straight – do anything and everything you possibly can to get the fridge back home. There is no fixed set of rules that you got to follow to achieve your goals. So, practically sky is the limit and there’s no stopping for the right player as he or she is bound to succeed if the basics are followed correctly.

This exciting game app from Nevosoft Inc is one of its kind and has been downloaded more than 5 million times by fans from across the globe till date. So, if you don’t want to be left behind, download this game, hit the start button any enjoy.