3D Maze / Labyrinth APK



3D maze is brain storming puzzle game, which is also rated as the best adventure game. The game brings classic puzzle labyrinth into an incredible 3D level, which you probably never imagined. The game has over 12 amazing designed and scary mazes or labyrinths from where you have to escape. The escape is easy when you have a map, but in all new 3D maze you are not having any kind of map or compass to locate you position. Instead, you will be climbing a top of castle towers and pyramids to look down and find the best possible escape route or exit position of a maze. You will be competing against time, so you have to reach as quickly as possible.

Each maze in a game has different difficulties like some has waterfalls, some has earthquakes and some has volcanos, which will blow in limited time and you have to escape maze in that limited time only. The game has also included 5 all new modernized mazes with much higher difficulties. The mazes are beautifully designed with colorful animation of glass, gold, cosmos, gifts, cakes and science. The game has handy controls, all you have to do is swipe left, up, right and down for movement, jumping and climbing. Besides easy to play or handy controls there are many more exciting features included in 3D maze:

The game has the leader board, which require simple login for knowing high scores of people from all around the world.

The game offers amazing and excellent high definition 3D graphics with incredible animations.

Besides graphics, the game has also included excellent sound and cool music effects.