Your Navigator Deluxe: GPS APK



Whenever someone asks a location or directions of a particular location, the first thing that hits one’s mind is Google Maps. Though it is known quite clearly that yes, Google Maps are usually the best option in such cases, some developers have taken the challenge to build something better than Google Maps and have succeeded. Your Navigation Deluxe: GPS lets a user locate the amount of traffic, find local places, finds best deals nearest to their mobile and also discover cheapest gas around, but only on US mobiles.

A power to navigate through traffic seamlessly is boon, which is arranged by collaborating 100 million traffic sources. Apart from that, the application gives a real time estimation of distances, road closures, accidents, hazards or any avoidable situation one can think of. Find nearest restaurants, shops and galleries for best deals around just by tapping the deals tab. The location of the device is implicitly tracked and best offers are presented.

The application sports a unique feature called “OnMyWay”, which allows users to share their current location with people in their network in real time. This means that our friends have the ability to track us in a given set of timeline. The recipients get a temporary link to get our location and ETA. The application uses minimal battery, thus improving phone’s life. The best deals near the users are powered by 142 million local review fetched from websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Thus relying on Your Navigation Deluxe: GPS can be quite fruitful for someone going out for a drive or to find nice restaurants around!