Navigator APK



Explore new places and find your way through any city more easily with this navigator app from Bell Canada. It works on your 4G LTE network and also on wifi and has a range of both 2D and 3D maps and simple interface to help you reach your destination. You can also listen to the navigator as it contains automated voice that tells you which turn to take and whether to go straight. With navigator app for your Android devices, you would never get lost!

Navigator app from bell has many interesting and unique features. You can pick a route that has less traffic, takes less time and is of shortest distance. You can also save that route for future use. Another important feature of this app is its voice navigation system. The navigator voice would give you every direction to reach a direction and if you miss any turns, it will then work to re-route to your original destination. You can also search for the amount of traffic in any route and avoid it by taking an alternate route. Additional features include marked restaurants, hotels, ATM’s and other important businesses on your map. Get a distinct view of where you are with our accurate map that shows places and routes around you with important landmarks highlighted.

Bookmark your favorite destinations, so that you would not have to search for them again.

To use navigator app, you must be registered as a Bell Mobility customer and have a paid plan. Navigator works on android devices that include smartphones and tablet devices. Navigator is a paid app and thus to reap its full benefits you would have to pay 10$ per month or get the app for lifetime for a payment of 59.99$ only! Download and install “Navigator” and start travelling.