Dianping APK



Do you live in China? Are you new to the country? Finding it difficult to locate nearby restaurant, hotels and shops? Dianping takes you one step closer to finding your favorite places at an instant!

Dianping is a location app that has GPS functionality. It covers over 300 cities and numerous towns across China that includes more than one million shops! Dianping is extremely useful and handy. It includes the accurate address of the shops, their working phone number along with a map that lets you reach the place without any difficulties. The user interface is pretty easy and smart. You have to follow the basic steps to reach your favorite shopping destination.

Download and install Dianping which is absolutely free for you Android devices (smartphones and tablets). Search for the shop you want to visit. Now the most essential feature about this app is that it includes over 20 million customer reviews so that you can decide whether or not the place is worth the visit. Read from the customer reviews, suggestions and ratings to decide which shop is best for you. Once you decide on where you are going, note down the address and phone number and set out! An accurate map is also given so that you never end up in the wrong place.

Dianping exclusives include free discount coupons for several shops and hotels across major cities like Beijing and Shanghai.

You can also check in with the shop or hotel or restaurant and record to share your personal experience and review to help other customers and users.

Dianping can come to be of utmost importance for tourists who are visiting China for the first time. You don’t need to worry if you have no idea about local shops anymore! Just download and install Dianping.