Zip Viewer APK



There may be one or more zip files attached with any article or report or any document, which is important for you. But not all the time you can open the zip files with ease. And if it is in your phone, then the problem is more. This may be due to your phone’s software, or version problem, or any other reasons. In short, whatever may be the problem, you cannot open any zip file directly.

But, now this problem can be solved using a latest app for Android smart phones, and the app is – Zip Viewer. This app enables to view a zip file directly by only a tap.

This smart phone app allows the user to open any archive file from any web browser and from your mail directly just by a tap of a finger. It features many unique things, which other similar apps may not feature. In addition, this android app enables the user to browse the memory card using the phone’s internal file explorer. Also, with the help of this app, the user can easily choose extract to copy files on SD card. Zip Viewer allows the user to see the contents of a file present in any archive very easily. The user just needs to navigate in the archive and select the required file to see the contents of the file.

The app has many specialties. One speciality among all the specialties is that the app can open Zip, GZip, BZip2, Tar, Tgz, ar, arj, cpio, lzma, xz and 7zip files. Apart from the uniqueness and specialties, one most important thing, which everyone must know before installing this app, is that your phone must have Gmail 4.7 or up version to get zip file attachments in your phone and to view them.

Hence, install this app and start unzipping the zip files!