Since every smart phone have the capability to identify and connect to nearby Wi-Fi networks instantly. While most of us aware of this, it is also known that majority of these networks are password protected and it is fairly difficult to break into them. On the same time, tricks have been found to break them open. In such cases, Wi-Fi Password Master generates a random password key and protects the router from malicious attacks.

Every Wi-Fi network is protected in different way, with a different set of security keys. Thus it becomes necessary for Wi-Fi Password Master to be able to generate random security keys for all of them. This application is capable of securing routers protected by security keys including WEP, WPA and even WPA2. This security provided by Wi-Fi Password Master is coupled with a high level of authentication implying no complaints what so ever.

Apart from the fact that this application protects the user’s Wi-Fi router and prevents any malicious attacks, it sports one more facility. The Wi-Fi Password Master can also display the surrounding Wi-Fi networks which are open and devoid of any security. All this provided by the application free of cost, though accompanied by a few advertisements. For people willing to shell a small part of their pockets, the advertisements can be removed paying a few bucks. Optimized for tablets, especially for Android tablets and smartphones, this application definitely paves its way into our devices with a purpose!