Universal Translator APK



One of the primary issues of long distance connectivity, or traveling to new lands is language. This being the primary issue, it becomes extremely difficult for people to interact with other people in new places. To help you cope up with this issue, Jose M Gomez has come up with a brand new application called the Universal Translator.

This is an easy and lightweight translator, which has all languages pre-stored in the system and can translate from any language to another. It has also a voice recognition facility through which you can translate from one language to another using speech text. This feature is available for several languages like Spanish, Italian, German, French and English. It has an extremely useful feature known as the SMS translator, through which you can translate entire messages you send, or the ones you receive.

Using this application, you can translate and share texts, and URL’s, and also share other translations, via Facebook, which is integrated with the app. Another amazing feature offered by Universal Translator is that it provides a voice volume control. It also provides warning about muted or low volume and also provides notifications about Internet availability. The application has been integrated with pocket change, and you get the opportunity to earn coins just by using Universal Translator every day.

The app has been developed as a community driven project, so it allows users to offer suggestions about new features and also ask for help if there are any queries. The current available version of the app is 3.16 and the Android version required for installing and using the app is 4.0 and above. The problematic issues related to pocket change in the previous versions have been fixed and can be used hassle freely in all available versions.