TV Remote for Samsung APK



Technological advancements have made our life easier and more pleasing. Mobile and Television market have been the most benefitted one from these advancements. There was a time few decades ago when color televisions were rare to find. But, with time, televisions have been explored and a massive impact of this is that we have seen color televisions, light televisions, LCD and now, LED ones. Internet has also become our chief source of getting content. Lately, Industry biggies have been trying to connect television and Intenet, and smart televisions are a way forward in that direction. Samsung Smart TV is an excellent platform which has brought together the excellent graphics along with the best of the contents. With this advancement, there have also been a surge of mobile applications related to these Smart TVs. TV Remote for Samsung is one of such applications.

TV Remote for Samsung is a great application to control Samsung Smart TV over local network (WI-FI) as well as across the networks. Mainly, this serves the function of a normal remote, only difference being that it’s equipped in user’s mobile. Just like any normal remote, TV Remote for Samsung has some key features or controls which help in navigating through the smart TV. These controls include Voice Command Control, Custom remote, favorite channels, Auto Discovery, Control TV and many others. One great thing about this application is that it supports B-Series/C-Series/D-series/E-series and even F-series Smart TVs. It has been developed such that users can use it to navigate with ease. All in all, this is a great application for all the smart TV users who were looking for something to ease out their navigation.