Translate APK



Translate is a utility application with wide support of multiple languages. It is a very quick application and getting the translations of good quality is convenient in this application. It also includes integration with Chrome so that the user can click the menu and set default language and offers to translate automatically. The translation process is easier with this application as user have to select desired language from over 90 languages. The content will be translated in few seconds and the translated text will appear on application screen in the selected language. The users can also translate the content automatically without promoting, which is very handy use. The application is well integrated with multiple languages.


  • Easy to install and uninstall
  • Convenient navigation and use of application
  • Free application
  • It has support of over 90 languages
  • The camera can also be used to translate the text in 26 languages
  • Speech translation can also be done in 40 languages
  • Fingers can be used as an alternative to keyboard
  • Language packs can be installed even when the connection is slow
  • Save and set favourite languages for future reference
  • High quality translations can be clicked by camera for the languages which are not supported by instant camera translation

Publisher’s Description

The application is a great utility for users and its wide support of multiple languages is excellent. The translation process is very quick and easy with the use of this application. Click on Translate button and have the text on screen in desired language. There are some features which are not available in all languages.

Change Log

The updated version of application has instant camera translation and it supports Arabic, English, and German, etc. Some crash bugs are fixed along with the stability improvement. The support for Burmese handwriting input has been updated in this version.