T-Mobile HotSpot Connect APK



WiFi, the short form of Wireless Fidelity is a technology that was developed in the year 1997 by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and it is all about high speed wireless internet access. In the present day, people are usually required to move about a lot and are also required from several stations as well instead of one fixed command centre. This need led to the development of gadgets like laptops and PDAs/various other hand-held devices. At the same time it was also necessary to come up with WiFi technologies to enhance their function.

Using WiFi, Internet can be accessed anytime as long as you are within the range of some base station or source. That way, users can move all over the place with their gadgets without losing the connection with the Internet. At the same time, people can also have access to sites or can go ahead with any inter related or internet enabled services irrespective of where they are or what time they want to access the net. The one and only requirement would be a WiFi network. Also, setting up a wireless unit is also faster and cost effective than a LAN facility.

With the introduction of smartphones and the Android OS, whatever applications were being used in wired technology are now slowly shifting to wireless platforms. T Mobile Hot Spot Connect is one such app developed by the T Mobile, USA for android users that allow connecting to a WiFi network.

This useful app starts searching for and detects the T Mobile Hot Spot network(s) around the user’s location automatically when the application is enabled. Another unique feature of this app is that is a provision to indicate the nearest available WiFi zone so that you don’t have you hunt with the device in hand.