Smart TV Remote APK



Smart TV Remote is a unique and versatile application and has been ranked as the most popular Samsung TV remote apps (unofficial). For the initial two years, the app was used only for Samsung TV’s, and later the developers decided to increase its usability and thus converted it into a universal remote system. By using this application, you will be able to convert your simple infrared capable phone into a universal device, which can control all TV systems.

Smart TV Remote is capable of controlling up to four infr-red capable devices, and other than
TV devices it can control media player, audio receiver, and cable box. Initially it was a network remote for Samsung TV’s and controlled the television sets from 2011 to 2013 of B, C, D, E and F series. There were certain alterations done in the network communication protocol, made in 2014 for which it is unable to support H and J series.

There are several people, who really get annoyed by the procedure of channel sorting, but this program will help them by providing direct channel logos, for controlling and defining preferred channels. Additionally, the program also offers several features and useful functions, which can very easily ease your TV watching experience. By using Smart Action Bar and notifications, the application is accessible even if it is not running in the foreground.

The app has been tested using several Android devices like LG G4, G3, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Mega, Note3, S6 Edge, S6, S5, S4 and HTC One M9, M8 and M7. Every user will receive IR codes, with their own databases, and in case the app is not functioning properly you can simply contact the providers, and the bug will be fixed within the shortest possible time. There are several tutorials offered on the Internet, which will provide complete instructions on how to use the program.