Smart TV Remote + DLNA APK



Who does not want a smart remote for their TV? And if it is available in your mobile, then it is something, which one will never miss to have. So here comes the latest Android smart phone app – Smart TV Remote & DLNA.

This app has very unique features. It behaves like a TV remote, and goes with Samsung TVs. This Smart TV WiFi Remote acts as a Samsung TV remote only when the TV and your phone have the same network connection, otherwise the app won’t work. The app features all the features of a TV remote, from number buttons to volume and channel-changing buttons, all are there.

In addition, the app shares media from your phone to your DLNA capable devices using the built-in DLNA server in the remote. Also, the smart features of the app enable you to receive notifications of any call coming or sms coming in your phone on the TV screen. If the numbers from which the calls or sms are coming are saved in your phone, then the name of the contact will also be visible on the TV screen. But, if you don’t want this function then you can easily turn off this SmartNotify function anytime. With the MediaShare feature of the app, you can easily transfer videos, music, pictures, etc. to the DLNA capable devices. This feature also enables you to transfer only what you want to share and nothing more than that. The app enables you to view the media, i.e., music, pictures, videos, etc. on the TV screen.

To use the app is very easy. The TV and the phone must be connected to a same network and other network remote control options and wireless remote control options must be enabled on your TV.

This app with so many features fills your lives with happiness and fun. Hence, install the app and get fun!