screencast APK



An amazing and extremely useful application offered by Kastor Soft is Screencast. It is a screen recorder application, through which you can record the screen, and create graphically advanced videos. The videos that get created using this app are all recorded in the SD card with the MP4 format. The app has gained wide popularity and fame due to its utility, and its efficacy of creating tutorials and presentations.

This uniquely wonderful application helps in recording the screen and creating full HD or HD videos. Using this app you can very well record audios from mic, which can be used for promotional videos. The app is extremely versatile and thus, you can also record video chats, record game play and ordinary games, and can create your own personal tutorials.

Another extraordinary feature offered by Screencast is that you can record your emotions and the face using the device’s front facing camera through the configurable overlay window. For increased convenience, this overlay window can be very easily shifted from one place to another. This particular feature helps in adding another dimension to the game play or tutorial you are creating. With just some easy steps you can create your personalized videos and it will be ready to become viral on YouTube.

You can share, view and delete the recorded videos, through the options clearly displayed on the screen. Screencast works effortlessly across multiple systems such as Lollipop and above and also operates on some unrooted phones. The record feature on the Screencast has a delay mode which gives you time to fine-tune things until the shooting begins.

Useful feature adding background music, and even cutting the video files can easily be accomplished on this. Any device with Android below Lollipop needs to gain Root access, for downloading and using the app properly.