Police Lights and Sirens Pt. APK



Use your phone to emit emergency sirens and police light sirens with this app. Police Lights and Sirens (Pt.) also include many lighting effects. With over millions of downloads, this app is extremely popular and is used by pros worldwide. Mimic actual siren sounds and lights from your phone. You can display or emit the sounds of a police car or even a fire truck with Police Lights and Sirens (Pt.) app. Switch between lighting and siren features on your phone.

The lighting features include multiple preset as well as customizable lightning effects. Choose from 5 different types of lighting effects and accurate display animations. You can also use the fire truck lightning and siren effects. There is also a realistic effect of a stun gun! The display also provides powerful Flash effects if your phone contains LED lights. The sound effects are powerful and also produce a vibrating sensation from the device as well. You can switch on and off the siren from as this app contains the manual siren feature. The sounds are accurate and provide a powerful electronic siren with your device. The user interface is simple and easily controllable. This app also contains easy to use built in siren sound and lighting effects for you to use.

Police Lights and Sirens (Pt.) is a free to use app and is available for your Android devices. Mimic the sounds and lights of Police Car sirens and use them in fun ways, be it in your video or pranking your friends! This app is extremely accurate and is the lighting effects can be used at various places include parties and as disco lights or also during your music concert. Police Sirens and Lights (pt.) is extremely popular and you surely would not want to miss out!