My Speed Meter APK



Are you a speed enthusiast? Now you will be able to twist your Android gadget into nothing but a speedometer! Measure the pace of the vehicle you are travelling in. You can also use this app while you are running and measure your speed and brag about it to your friends. My Speed Meter is the new cool way to measure up speeds. This app has 2 display modes. You can view the speeds analogically or digitally in both landscape and portrait modes. The app looks smart and the user interface is pretty simple without any sophisticated units. Simply hit the analog /display button to choose the same. You can also select between 2 units of measurements that is kilometers per hour or miles per hour. Select between different themes that suits you best. You can also set and adjust sound and vibration modes for the app. Both current and maximum speed is shown separately and is extremely accurate too. You can share the speeds you record and view your position in the world leader board. Try to get the highest speed possible among other users.

You can set your own custom sound and vibration for a certain speed, so that when that amount of speed is achieved you’ll get the notification. To access the leaderboard in the new and upgraded version, go to menu and simply click “leaderboard” and compare your stats.

Another thing about this app is that it is absolutely free and does not contain any kind of advertisements. But a word of advice! Too much speed can pose danger for your life. So we urge you to drive cautiously and safely.

So go download and install My speed meter and happy speed hunting!