My Cricket APK



Wi-Fi services have improved over time and we are seeing a rapid increase in the quality of services that are offered. Wi-Fi is perhaps the most important thing right now, which has replaced LAN services and also managed to remove the extra load of using cables. Wireless connections are considered easy and comfortable and we are definitely seeing an improvement in this field. Cricket Wi-Fi services are one of such services where you are enabled with the Internet access when you have an active cricket account. To remove the complications that are there in the process and to save user’s time, different applications are being launched to help user in connection with the Internet services. My Cricket is an application with which you can connect to the Wi-Fi services.

Why My Cricket?

Time is an important factor in our lives and it’ll be stupid to think that any individual would even like to waste his/her time. Time is precious and we tend to look for measures to save our time. My Cricket application helps a user in saving their time and also helps in managing the Cricket wireless service quickly and easily just by the tap of the fingers. This application lets a user use all the Cricket’s features. With this app, a user can view their Wireless data usage, can pay their bills, can even add or remove wireless account features, also can set up and manage Auto Pay. It equips a user with the feature of contacting customer care whenever there is a problem with the Internet service. This is the best way to save time for any user, and for this application, user must have an active Cricket account, a GSM smart-phone and a Wi-Fi connection.