Mobile Digital Scale Lite APK



Mobile digital scale lite is an extremely useful, accurate and realistic weight measuring app for your Android device. Mobile digital scale turns your phone into a weighing machine and you can measure any small items of your choice and find out their exact weight. This weight simulator app measures weight of an object in ounces and grams.

Mobile digital Scale lite is simple and its smart user interface makes it a must get app.

Just download and install the app to get started. Calibrate your weight machine by typing in the desired amount of weight. Then select your weight units between Grams (g) and ounces (oz). Place the object you want to find out the weight of and take the output digital reading. Mobile digital scale also has the ability to reset the value to zero after you have finished measuring an object so that you can weigh a different thing. Another interesting feature of this app is that it shows a distinct fluctuation in the weight reading if you remove the object from the top of your phone and then place it again, making it even more realistic. There is also a video tutorial for users who are new to this app! You can also move the contents to SD card as this app include memory card support.

The app is designed to look like a small weight machine, so you can fool your friends into thinking this is an actual weight machine. Besides it contains user controls that help you use the app according to your desired settings. The updated version contains many improvements from, memory utilization and improved calibration. If you haven’t already got Mobile Digital Scale Lite then you are missing out on a great app plus it is free!