Microphone APK



Microphone is a simple application that is an interface between your Mic and your speaker. If your phone lacks a good inbuilt mic then microphone should be your go to application. Not only is it user friendly but comes in a small size. It has inbuilt equalizer to modify you sound or voice inputs and put different effects. It can also amplify the input sound, so people with low voice need not to worry. Balance your sound channels into Mono or stereo individually with microphone app. The app also allows you to select Line in or Line out.

Connect your phone to a speaker and your phone would now act as a wireless microphone. The most popular feature of this app is that it has widget support. Now you won’t have to worry about not having a mic. This app makes your android device into a portable microphone and is extremely reliable. You can also use microphone with other apps like a video camera. If your video camera does not pick up soft noises, do not worry! Microphone app would allow your smartphone to pick up even the feeblest of noises there is and thus increase your recording quality and experience.

It also includes selection of audio sampling rate and re-sizing of the recorded audio. Amplify your input volume by increasing the microphone gain by selecting the “gain” option. You can also tweak the acoustics and decide the amount of output sound through the left and right speakers.

Microphone app can also use your phone calls as Line in and play it through the speakers. The user interface settings are simple and efficient for a rich and easy experience. You can also choose from a few colorful skins that are provided with the app.

So go download Microphone! It’s absolutely free!