Loader Droid download manager APK



Downloading data and internet browsing go hand in hand. But whenever it comes to Android devices, your browser may be unable to download many kinds of file formats, for example- eBooks, zip files, certain audio, etc. This is where Loader Droid Download Manager proves to be extremely efficient and handy. Not only does it support downloading multiple file types but also it provides a simple user interface and easy handling of the files.

The most excellent feature of Loader droid download manager is that you can pause your downloads once you turn off your wifi or 3G connection or if the connection is lost and resume whenever necessary, or if connection returns. You can also specify your connection for each link, if you want it to be downloaded by your Wifi or 3G. Loader Droid splits the download link into three threads, which allows faster and better download speed than any other downloader applications.

Loader droid also comes with an inbuilt browser from where it automatically detects downloadable links. Also it helps in streaming videos from different websites, which were presently inaccessible or not supported by your browser. Loader droid is efficient and comes in a small size. It utilizes your phone resources as least as possible so that you can resume your other important work while downloading. You can also set a time schedule for your download and observe the progress in a user-friendly interface that has a light and dark colored scheme.

Droid manager contains ads in the free version so if you are annoyed by ads, you can opt for the pro version, which is completely free of any kinds of ad contents. Loader droid manager is a smart and easy and fast way to download you links on your android devices, go try now!