Insta Downloader APK



Pictures are for capturing your memories and to share it with your friends, relatives and other followers and friends in social platform. Instagram is one of the places in social platform where you share your mood, feelings by capturing beautiful pictures and snaps. But in the official instagram app you will not be able to save any picture including your own pictures that you uploaded before. The most common way to save pictures from instagram is to take screenshot of the picture. Due to that the picture quality do not maintain a high quality and perfect shape. This is one of the very missing features for an instagram user. Seedecor tools, an app developer has made a solution for the situation. Insta downloader is an app by which you can save your and others pictures by just a click.

The process of saving instagram snaps is very easy. You just have to download the official instagram app firstly. There in the selected picture or video you can obtain three dots where you will find a column of ‘copy share url’. After this action, you just need to open the insta downloader app and long press in the text field in the app and tap on “paste”. After that just click download and enjoy the services of the app. The downloaded pictures then can be shared into any other platforms later. It is a very user friendly app and you don’t have to waste much time in it.