Flash Light+Camera+Clock APK



Are you annoyed that your Android device doesn’t have a flashlight and every time the light goes off you have to wander around in the dark? Well think no more, the Flash Light is an extremely easy and smart application for your Android devices that makes use of your device camera LED light as a torch, given your phone has an inbuilt Led light or camera flash. This app not only contains a torch but a camera and a clock as well and thus is of great utility. Flash light is extremely easy to operate. All you have to do is simply turn on/off the switch on the display and your LED light will do accordingly. You can also adjust the brightness of the light as you can conserve your battery while lowering the brightness in areas that doesn’t need much light. You can also change the color of the Led light! You can choose from a selected range of colors from the app.

Flash light is simple, fast and efficient way to turn your phone into a torch and carry it with you.

This application also lets you brighter your device as screen as much as possible. Flash light app contains a camera, which can be used with the flashlight to take photos in low light. A clock is also provided with the app that shows current time, day and date. This app is of extremely small size and the user interface is simple and the most important feature of all is that this app comes completely free and without any in-app advertisements. One thing has to be kept in mind that flashing the Led light directly to the eyes can cause serious issues like seizures.

Go download Flashlight from Play Store and use it safely!