Fingerprint Lock Screen APK



Fingerprint Lock screen app brings more security to your device. Have the fingerprint lock feature of iphone 5s on your Android devices. It is so realistic that it almost looks like a biometric finger print scanner. Make your phone look like some sort of high tech device and prank your friends! Along with the fingerprint lock it also contains many additional features.

To unlock your phone using Fingerprint Lock Screen, you need to simply press your fingers on the finger scan icon on your screen for a specific amount of time like 3 seconds. You can change the time from the app settings, so that your friends won’t be able to open the lock and think that it actually scans your finger! This app also contains additional contents like beautiful high definition Sony xperia wallpapers. The locked screen also shows the time and date. So not only this app is extremely cool and fun, it also contains beautiful graphical wallpapers and utilities like clock and date.

Fingerprint Lock Screen is available for Android devices that include smartphones and it also contains Tablet support. This is a completely free to use app with no in app ads. Fool your friends into believing that your phone is being protected by a real biometric finger scanner! Download now and have fun.