Fast Download Manager APK



In the era the of speed internet, being able to access data at speeds higher than normal becomes a necessity. In case of heavy traffic on a network, the download speed can get suppressed quite considerably. Fast Download Manager allows user to download data files at tremendous pace. Regardless of the file type, this Android application provides access to all types of data at our fingertips in fraction of seconds.

The Fast Download Manager increases the download speed by coupling with multiple connections and putting together the fragments in the finest ways. During a running download, the application provides an option to pause, cancel, restart and resume downloads according to user needs. What most of the download managers fail to provide is the ability to resume failed or broken downloads, which is effectively possible is Fast Download Manager. The manager supports almost all type of file downloads ranging from images, audios, videos, offices documents (like PDF, RAR, Word or excel) and even software.

Not only does this application gets us fast downloads, it also enables download of large files, which usually isn’t possible with normal browsers. Little but important features like running downloads in background, setting up a maximum number of downloads which can run in parallel or how to put them in queue are quite impressive. Some advanced options also present action like setting up Buffer sizes too. Available in multiple languages with the likes of English, French and Spanish have widened its reach around the world!