Disaster Message Board APK



This Smartphone application is being offered by SoftBank Corp. This app has the power to connect to Disaster Voice Messaging Service, and Disaster Message Board service, which has also been developed by SoftBank Mobile Corporation. The application is extremely useful and works in times of major natural disasters like earthquakes, when the seismic intensity is above 6.

The application has been designed with the motto of helping people in extreme situations. It has a fixed packet charge, and requires no other payment. Moreover, the application can be installed or downloaded via Cellular network access. Using this application you can delete, confirm, and register your safety and whereabouts on SoftBank Disaster Message Board. Using the application you can also send notification message using e-mail addresses of friends, families, etc that you have registered a particular message on Disaster Message Board.

When a natural disaster strikes, all the phone lines are disrupted and prevents normal functioning. However, by using this particular application, you can receive and send voice messages about you and your family’s safety by using this service.

To increase the versatility of this application, the service has also introduced a roaming overseas option. However, the Disaster Voice Messaging Service is not operational in SoftBank X series, 820SC, 920SC and 941SC. These particular models do not support the features of this application and voice messages cannot be received or sent. One of the recent additions to this application is that the service is also Wi-Fi connected. There are several versions of the app, and each version varies with the device, and is the same with the Android version.