Cricket Wi-Fi APK



We are living in times where exchange of information is done at a very fast pace and it has nearly become essential to always stay connected and in flow with the information that’s being shared. Fast Internet is the need and talk of the town and we tend to get impatient and intolerant in case we get slow connection and network. In this high-speed life, when there’s a need to remain aware, we must enable our mobile phones with applications which make it easier for us to remain connected. Wireless connection or Wi-Fi is the latest invention and it has done away with the cables that were needed to connect to the internet. With Wi-Fi, we can change places, and it has also increased the comfort factor while using the internet. Cricket-WiFi is an application which is all about Wi-Fi and connections that are related to it.

Cricket Wi-Fi serves the basic function of internet connectivity. It has features, which help an user to connect to a connection in a fast manner. It also helps in saving high speed data for a user. Open Networks are a blessing in disguise and it’s really important for a user to connect to open networks and to know about open networks instantly. Cricket of Cricket-Wi-Fi does the searching for the user so that it’s easier to connect with open networks whenever a user is near them. It also helps in saving the data when you are on network. Basically, it saves a user from the pain of switching on-off of the Wi-Fi and maintains the account of connected networks and networks available without wasting user’s time. It’s a perfect application for the users who seek high speed Internet.