Apps Lock & Gallery Hider APK



In the android smart phones, any app for security of the phone is very essential. Not only for privacy, but also for security, you need to get the best App Locking app. Thus, keeping in mind the necessities of app lock in smart phones, we bring a latest app just for your Android smart phone – Apps Lock & Gallery Hider.

This app provides complete security to your phone. It has many latest and specialised features. If you are worried about some situations like, your friend borrowing your phone for playing games can see your personal pictures or messages which you don’t want to show, or your mom borrowing your phone to listen to music can see your pictures and any other things which you don’t want to share with your mom or you mom would get annoyed with such things, etc. then, you must go for this perfect security app.

This security app can provide lock or security to any system or any downloaded app you choose. It provides many options for protecting your privacy. Some smart features of the security app –

  • Locks system apps
  • Locks downloaded apps
  • Hides photos and videos
  • Encrypts media
  • Hides the app’s icon from main menu
  • Widget for quick locking and unlocking
  • Cannot be uninstalled by intruders.

Other than the smart features, there are many security features of the app –

  • Two locks (Pin and Pattern)
  • 2 locks to enter protected apps
  • Allows easy jumping from one protected app to other
  • A watchdog is provided by the app for intruders
  • Hides Pin or Pattern from the Password page
  • Shuffles the keys on Password page
  • Private camera.

Apart from these features, many high-tech features are also there in this app. In short, this app is the perfect security app for your android smart phone. So, install it, and stay relaxed!